Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hilltop Farm..

Penny's post with the picture of Beatrix Potter at the door of Hilltop Farm
had me going through old photos.
It brought back memories of a happy time, exploring England with Mo.
I found these ..
me standing in the doorway of Hilltop Farmhouse
and the gardener who showed us around.
It was early spring.
I would not have been surprised if Peter Rabbit had hopped into view,
but he didn't.
The gardener told us that Beatrix
liked her garden "to look natural..a little wild".

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  1. I enjoyed seeing these photos J, Hilltop Farm looks such a lovely place.

  2. I just loved waking up and seeing your picture at Miss Potter's door and her gardens. I am somewhat of a "messy" gardener and let this and that grow if it wants to in my garden. I'll pretend I am akin to Beatrix and I will think of Joan standing at the door to Hilltop Cottage.

    Your picture journal of your travels are so well done, Joan. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Just so enchanting. Made me want to watch Miss Potter again. My 10 year old son cried on the way home because he was so sad for Beatrix :)

  4. Thank you Marilyn, Penny, Vicki and Mermaiden for lovely responses. I like gardens a little bit natural too Penny. Our farm garden tended to be that way. My town garden not so ..yet.
    I am wanting to see the movie again too Mermaiden.

  5. It is beautiful I used to live in the North of England and we often visited the Lake DIstrict. We visited Hilltop farm three years ago and it's still a magical place.