Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inception..the Movie, and Dreams

Last night I went to the movies to see INCEPTION.
It was a special screening to raise funds for an activity room at the
Cancer Society Lodge that is being built just up the road from where I live.

INCEPTION is probably not the kind of movie I normally choose to see.
The theatre I go to is more a glass of wine or a latte sort of theatre.
Last night was popcorn and cola.

Today I have found myself thinking about the movie .
Someone described it as a heist movie.
A group of people wanting to steal something.. dreams..
or in this case..implant dreams.

I found it fascinating. What are dreams?
What is reality?
It is a movie I would like to see again.
The special effects were amazing.
Incredible dream cities and dream happenings.
Last year I decided to keep a dream journal.
I wrote my journal starting at the back page which seems a little strange.
It is rather untidy but I am writing it in the night having just woken.
I kept the journal by my bed and wrote in it as soon as I woke after dreaming.
I became very good at doing this. In fact the more I wrote my dreams down the better I remembered them.
What a diverse and crazy collection of stories. They make rather bizarre reading.
I could often see some connection with things happening in my daily life.

Somewhere along the way I stopped keeping my journal, and strange to say I don't feel as though I dream much anymore.
How about you?
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  1. This is so interesting J, I don't dream very often, or not that I can remember but at times I wake myself up giggling and I have no idea what I was dreaming of but it's enough to make me continue to giggle even when I wake!

  2. It's so interesting that I've just found your blog over on the Kitchenmaid's because I've just written a posting about a dream I had last night. Small world.

    I'm pleased to find you Joan.

  3. They must be very pleasant dreams Marilyn. Does Jeff ever join in the giggles..I think I would.
    So nice to meet you Debby. I have been exploring your blogs. The art is wonderful.

  4. I've never kept a dream journal, but your post has tempted me to try it - for a week at least. I will report back on the results.

  5. I used to dream very elaborate dreams, full of detail and always in color. Now that I'm writing, I rarely dream. I can only assume my creative energies get used up in my waking hours and my brain is ready for a rest. (45 quarts of tomatoes and counting, Joan!)

  6. Hi Joan! I wrote about this movie this summer, in, "See You in My Dreams," and found the theme and plot fascinating. I love looking at the nature of reality, which I felt this movie did. I used to recall vivid dreams, but not as often anymore. I don't know why. I once had a dream journal, and you're right, it makes for some weird little story lines. I still ask, which is the dream and which is the reality and how nebulous is the line between? :)

  7. I have tried to keep a dream journal, but, just can't seem to discipline myself to write it all down in the middle of the night. My dreams go in fits and paces, sometimes several a night and sometimes none that I remember. I have had dreams that seem to be telling me something. I've journaled about this and found out later that they were warning me or leading me to something or confirming something that happened.
    I got pretty good at "jumping" back into a dream for awhile. Now, I'm usually jumping up to use the toilet!
    Sounds like an interesting premise for a movie, Joan. Thanks.

  8. oh dear i thought it an awful movie
    But I have tried to keep a dream journal
    I found I woke with the dreams escaping back into my head before I could write them down

  9. Same kind of dream journaling experience as you! I always think I'll remember a dream when I wake at odd hours, because it seemed so important or magical. But then I don't, and I know I've missed something and it snatches at me.

  10. What a very good idea to keep a dream journal. I dream very much while my husband says he does not dream at all. That is not true of course.
    When my daughter was still living with us, she and I were used at breakfast to tell our dreams to each other and often we burst out laughing while telling them and my husband thought we invented in the moment all the dreams we had.
    It was like to keep a journal, isn't it ?

    Hélène - French artist

  11. I wrote a nice long response to everyone and then lost it.
    Good luck Alan with the dream diary.
    The experts say we always dream don't they Vicki, but like you..I just don't seem to dream at all now.

    I visited your blog Teresa Evangeline. That was very interesting.
    Penny..I could only keep a journal since being alone.
    Suz..i didn't expect to like the movie but it drew me in.
    Mermaiden, isn't it amazing how quickly a dream fades. Sometimes I would get snatches of it written then it would be gone.
    Welcome Helene. I love that your husband thought you two were making your dreams up!