Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's on your windowsill?

Here is a fun thing to do.
I saw KitchenMaid has shown us what is on her windowsill,
and interesting vignettes came forth from looking at what was on her windowsill.
So here is what I have on my windowsill.
On the left side of my windowsill is a blue collection.
The little vase is from Fez, Morocco, and the three carved wooden spoons I bought in a country souk there.
The one little spoon by itself is a gift from Budapest, from the family cyclists who biked 800kms down the Danube last year.
The little blue teapot came from Japan, a gift from niece Nicola.
Mo loved it and used it always when I was away teaching during the day.
The tiny teabag holder I brought back from a trip to see Nora in Ireland.
The gorgeous cake slice is a gift from my gorgeous daughter-in-law, Ann, who gave it to me, her whacky ma-in-law!
It was bought in Soho, London.

Down the other end of my windowsill where my tagine lives, is my mortar and pestle, a gift from my lovely sister, Linda, so I can grind up spices and herbs for Moroccan cooking.
The tagine shaped condiments and the little teapot all came from Morocco.
On the left is my tiny lady grater, too cute to put away, a vase my dear Aunty Vyver made at pottery class many years ago, a pink pig egg cup, a gift from teacher friend Kay long ago, and a pot of mint to save me running downstairs to the garden.
The little wooden tulips and Aunty V's vase, were on my farmhouse windowsill, and travelled with me to a new life in town.

There...would you believe a few objects on a windowsill could hold so many memories.
Do have a look at KitchenMaid's post too.
What is on your windowsill?

PS: do you think my windowsill is nice and tidy? It always is because my neighbours look right down into my kitchen. Coming from a farm with nearest neighbours several paddocks away, I always feel as though I am on a reality cooking show. I said this to the young people who rent the house once. They assured me they don't look. Then one lad said 'yes we do and sometimes we wish we were coming to dinner'!
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  1. This is so lovely, I love the story to go with each piece. i can't show you my windowsill as I have someone in the house who 'tidies' everything off!

  2. That someone sounds like someone I know who doesn't live with me but can't abide 'stuff'..especially 'stuff' that has no practical use.

  3. Hee hee, that is funny. Why can't they think like us ;-)

  4. I am just in awe of your windows!
    Over my sink the window is higher than I am tall, but I get a lovely view of sky.
    I try to keep a cactus on the sill but if I open the window it gets blown back in at me. Repotting cactus is not a favored chore.

  5. What a wonderful journey around your windowsill. I actually don't have a windowsill. Our sink is in an island surrounded by countertops, but, a vase of flowers is usually near and I look right out onto our deck and the woods beyond.

  6. I have a Big Fat Cat on every windowsill - I try not to put "stuff" on the sills as they are very narrow, but Big Fat Cat can still perch on them and drop hair everywhere, and leave nose prints on the glass. Just as well I love him dearly :-)