Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aotearoa - New Zealand... a weather bomb!

That big storm came over the ocean
and dumped big snow on Invercargill in the South Island,
wrecked the roof of the stadium there and
caused power cuts and mayhem in other places.

In our city,
it rained and blew.
Mother Nature was out spring cleaning the trees
but she is not good at picking up after herself.

This poor tree could not withstand the big blow...

but today
between the showers
rainbows appear
like a promise that all is well...
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  1. Wonderful photos J; we had to go extra carefully on our drive home on Friday as there was so many storm damaged trees. The biggest wind fallen trees had been cleared but there were bits of branches on the road all the way home. It was eerie seeing the swollen river right beside us as we drove home, the moonlight made it look like a huge silver ribbon and it lapping up to the edge of the road.

  2. OOh, that must have been a bit eerie, M. Spring really is putting on a show.

  3. You capture the beauty amid the destruction so beautifully. I loved scrolling down and finding the rainbow. Your photos tell such a story.

  4. Our springs are like that too -- just when one thinks all is well, Mother Nature administers a dope-slap.

  5. Nature in all its glory and all its fury, captured so well by you, Joan. Sometimes, it seems, that spring makes us work really hard to attain it, doesn't it? I hope you get that picnic table on land soon so you can enjoy a nice lunch on it. Best.

  6. Great photos telling a story. I love rainbows, but who doesn't? We're having an autumn storm here!
    Grethe `)

  7. Joan,
    What a delight to see a rainbow after all the rain!
    I hope you have a sunny Sunday,

  8. Looks like my house now that my son and his girlfriend are living with me. They, like the storm, aren't good about picking up after themselves.

  9. Somehow it is still lovely when the sun comes out. You take beautiful photographs.

  10. Thank you everyone for lovely comments.
    When I began blogging I did not realise there would be other bloggers visiting me. How I have come to love the contact with this wonderful circle of Blogging friends!