Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Springtime in Cambridge, NZ.

I had lunch with a friend today in Cambridge.
The blossoms down the main street were beautiful.

The Waikato River in Cambridge.
I detoured out to Karapiro Dam.. see below..
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  1. Gosh, but it's so lovely to see spring blossoms again! Gorgeous!

  2. Ah Cambridge, the town of my childhood, I love seeing it in your photos today. My siblings and I spent so much time here in this street as, apart from shopping expeditions with Mum and Dad, each school day we would wait about 30 minutes for the bus to go home and the street was our play ground while waiting.

  3. I like your blog very much. My husband dreams about "big trip" to New Zeland, but it is too far, far away for all of us.
    Thank you very much for showing us your country.
    Greeting from Poland!

  4. Hi Talon..thanks for calling!
    I forget that you would be a Cambridge girl M. I think of you at Roto-o-rangi and forget about how close to Cambridge that is. A lovely town.

    Aga..it would be lovely to see you in NZ. It is a long way..but not impossible! Keep visualising. I am loving your Polish photos too. Your phoyography is wonderful.

  5. I found myself saying "I don't recognise that bit of Cambridge" and "where on earth is he Waikato River" and then I remembered. As always, thanks for reminding me that there is more than one hemisphere.

  6. Sorry about that Alan. I've added NZ. We should go back to using the original maori names and then we'd have no problems would we.

  7. Hi Joan, What lovely photos. New Zealand looks so beautiful. I keep saying to Tom, when the children have left home we must visit New Zealand! Jane xx

  8. Oh yes Jane.. what a good idea.