Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Spring Walk...

My trusty little camera that goes with me when I am out and about,
capturing moments in time
so I can reflect on the wonder of it all....

I photograph the new spring leaves as if I've never seen them before.
They seem such a wonder to me, so golden green..

and look at the moon there in a clear blue sky.
I was told long ago by an old maori friend..
that when the crescent moon is tipped -
rain is coming.

The rains, the forecasters are telling us, will come and the river will be flooded..
the mighty Waikato that flows through our city
will be a raging torrent...
the taniwha at every bend of the river will be ranting and raving

He piko...he taniwha!

but just now as my camera and I go walking, all is calm...
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  1. Lovely photos J, isn't the spring green so very beautiful. I do hope that the river doesn't rise any more as we might not be able to get down tomorrow afternoon and then home again so much later!!

  2. Such a peaceful shot of the river and bridge. How forceful nature can be when it wants to. This shot is so serene. I will hope that too much more rain doesn't fall on your lovely land.

  3. Wonderful pictures! And so true that every Spring seems like the first Spring. (Putting me in mind of a song from 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon' (Zepherelli?) "Morning is breaking, Like the first morning...")

  4. What fun, to take a walk and record it with photos. I, too, like doing this around my place. It trains me to really see the world around me, it's nuances of color and form. I enjoy seeing life through your eyes. Very nice. I've been meaning to tell you how much I like the quote in your header. Doesn't he have so many inspiring and affirming quotes?

  5. You are indeed a woman after one's own heart, Joan!

    At one with nature:)


  6. Lovely pics. Serene and beautiful. I'll trade your spring rain for our ugly nearly-autumn one today :) That acidy-green of spring is just a color of renewal, isn't it? Gorgeous!

  7. What lovely photos Joan, we have been on an autumn walk today! New Zealand really does look beautiful. Jane xx