Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spring Equinox with an Antarctic chill..

There is such stormy weather in NZ today.
Lots of snow on the mountains not too far south of where I live.
Down the South Island it is the worst lambing season ever.

Where I live it has not been really stormy yet but it is chilly.
I am tucked in over the brow of a hill and sheltered from the south-westerly wind
which is wonderful because I lived for thirty years by a mountain
and the westerly wind blew and blew and blew!

This photo of the moon I took this evening.

chill wind through bare trees
bare faced moon in a cold sky
warm spring where are you

light of moon, quiet the rhythms of my heart
touch of rain, bless my growth
violent storm, awaken my sense of wonder
cold wind, cleanse my cluttered mind

While the storm is thrilling to me in its wildness,
it is death to small new born lambs down south.
Good and Evil
Yin and Yang
Beyond my understanding.


  1. You've captured that full moon beautifully, Joan!

  2. Joan, I feel so sorry for the poor wee lambs! That photo is beautiful! And your poem was lovely...nature can be so cruel, can't it? And even in that wildness there is beauty.

  3. Such a lovely, heartfelt poem, Joan. It is good to find beauty, even in the harshness, though I feel so sad for the little lost lambs and what it will mean.

  4. Hi Joan, That is lovely and what a beautiful photo. Those poor little lambs, nature can be so hard. Jane xx

  5. I am sorry for all the upheaval the big storm and earthquake has brought to the South Island.
    I think Cambridge has just the right size to live in or near it. It is a beautiful area...if...I would love to live there.
    The poem is beautiful and sums up life.
    Love the photos too.

  6. Thank you Cosmic, Talon, Penny, Poppy and Titania, for calling and leaving lovely comments. Happy Solstice.

  7. This is exquisitely beautiful Joan. Your poem really touched me. It captures the mystery. I love the idea of the storm awaking a sense of wonder. This is so true.

  8. What a beautiful photo of the moon. It looks like a silver coin, doesn't it?
    A lovely poem.
    Grethe ´)