Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Instead of walking around the lake near my home today,
I took myself down to the gardens
and drank in the colours of spring...

The Char Bag Indian garden is a favourite of mine
and it did not disappoint.
I feel the camera cannot do justice to this riot of beautiful colour.

I walked in the fresh spring air, the sky above blue and clear
but just as likely to suddenly gift us with soft spring rain, and felt so blessed at this time of my life
to have time to be still and look and wonder..
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  1. Isn't it a wonder itself to be able to enjoy the quietness and stillness. At least once day I send out a prayer to still my heart. I love your pictures.

  2. Thank you for calling Cosmic.
    You are so right Penny and beautifully expressed. After a life of trying to understand prayer, this is what it is for me now... stillness .. and wonder.

  3. All that beauty - it's so incredibly lovely! It is like a gift, isn't it? To have the time to drink all that in...

  4. Thank you Talon.. and what a gift it is to be alive on this wondrous planet.