Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring Clouds over the city today...

You know me... I just can't resist clouds.

Spring is fickle..

wiil it rain.. or won't it rain..

Spring is my favourite season ....along with autumn..
and then there's summer ...that's nice...
and I've loved winter...
I guess I'm just a woman for all seasons.
How about you.
Happy season everyone!
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  1. Happy spring to you J, what a lovely spring day we have had. I am like you, I am thrilled that spring has arrived but I thoroughly enjoyed winter and I think autumn is so special with golden colour and I do love summer too I guess they are all my favourite.

  2. I forgot to say that Your cloud photos are wonderful, I have been cloud watching today too.

  3. I love clouds, too. The third photograph in your sequence is a beauty.

  4. Wonderful shots! What a joy it is to have four different seasons to love!

  5. Such dramatic cloudscapes! It sounds as if you had a lovely first of spring. I love each season in its turn, though this summer has been so rainy then hot and mosquito ridden that I haven't spent as much time in it as I would like to have outdoors. Today it is raining. Just as well. I won't have to water.

  6. Beautiful photos, Joan. I'm a cloud lover, too. They're magical, like fairy dust sprinkling the world. When we lived in Hawaii, I yearned for the four seasons. For me, Paradise is as much a green leaf as a golden leaf.

    Now, can you educate me? (I'm not too proud to appear dumb!) I Googled Aoteara and got map after map of New Zealand. And lovely web sites. All well and good, but when I returned to what you had written (confused because no Aoteara on the maps), I began to think perhaps Aoteara is either an old name for New Zealand or from your capitalization and slash, Maori for New. I'm really excited about learning something new, even if millions already know the answer.

    In a comment I saw 'chook'...what's a chook and what's a tussie-mussie? Oh what fun all of this is.

    And thank you for sticking with my blog story. You truly made my evening...although I did have pangs of regret that you were shivering.

  7. Tee HEEE _ Fall is just aroudn the corner here Wish I had a 2nd Home there so I coudl live in spring and summer all year!!! The gardener in me likes that thought!!

  8. Hi Joan, You and me both with our love of clouds! What beautiful photos. There is always something to enjoy about every season isn't there? I'll have to enjoy your spring and summer whilst we are going through autumn and winter! Jane xx

  9. Lovely photos. It was a pleasure soaring through the clouds with you. Happy Spring, Joan and woman for all seasons. Turn, turn, turn. To everything there is a season. ♥

  10. I love those cloud photos, they are so beautiful.
    It's fantastic that you have are in the beginning of spring now - wonderful spring time - and we are on our way into autumn!
    Grethe ´)