Friday, September 17, 2010

I love it when people talk to me while out walking.
This young man stopped and leant on the bridge beside me
as I was taking photos and chatted about the river.
His name is Brent and he was on his way to work. He told me
his Nanny's house in Whakatane has been flooded twice this winter.

This beautiful lady is Rangi.
She said "Kia ora" as I walked by, so I stopped for a chat.
She was waiting for the bus to take her to her daughter's for the day.
I told her she looked lovely and she laughed and said "It's my moko, eh."
(Her moko is her tatoo.)
She explained she 'is' Waikato and Tainui ( her tribes)
and her moko is because she follows the Maori King and for her ancestors.
"My mother was from England,"she said.
I asked could I take her photo.
She looked at at the first photo.. "Too sour!"
So I took another and that was better she thought.
We wished each other a happy day and on I walked.
What a lovely meeting with a lovely lady.

I noticed the new billboard reminding artists to get making their tree
for the Christmas competition.
'All we are saying give trees a chance..'
I went on singing the the words to myself.

well, I thought.. here is a tree that has been given a chance.
The sign on it says.. heritage tree.. not to be removed!
I like that.
As I walked on I imagined putting a sign on each person..

"I am a heritage person..treat me kindly with love"

The river could do with a sign too
"I am a heritage river..
treat me kindly..
I am your life .."

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  1. I love the image of Rangi, she's beautiful and reminds me a little of my mother-in-law Bibi, whose sadly no longer with us. She was Persian, born in Iran and had a facial tatoo, too but not so impressive as Rangi's. Hers was a tiny little black spot a little bit like a beauty spot on her cheek.

  2. What a beautiful walk and beautiful people you met J, I like the idea that we are all heritage people to be treated kindly with love.

  3. This is a lovely post. If we are all heritage people then I think today some of us are safest under glass, protected from that wild wind and rain! Please tell me it's too soon to be thinking about Christmas...

  4. You're truly blessed, Joan(beautiful post:)!


  5. Beautiful post, Joan. I love the idea of each of us being a heritage person and you have here the record of such wonderful exchanges of passers-by in life and the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us.

    Your pictures are amazing and I found myself especially moved by the tree in the river. Thank you for these great posts today.

  6. Such a beautiful post, Joan. I love your idea - treat everything and everyone with the respect and kindness they deserve. Wouldn't that be something?

  7. What a wonderful post with great images and Ideas! "Give trees a chance." Yes, and the divine heritage of every living thing. Beautiful post.

  8. What lovely human exchanges on your walk.

  9. Hi Joan, What lovely ideas. How nice if everyone thought as you did. Jane xx