Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Spring Visitors..

I hang food for the waxeyes and do enjoy their visits.
They're so comical and hang upside down and every which way to feed.
Of course, when I want to take their photo they don't come.

The sparrows have decided they like the fat and wildbird seed too.
The sparrows are very bossy .
In fact they all squabble and fight so much nobody gets much to eat.

It is now windy and wild outside and raining. I've had RadioNZ on all day and heard many stories about the people of Christchurch. I wish I could keep the wild weather up here
and not allow it to go south where the earthquake was. A good dose of spring sunshine for Canterbury..please.
My aim today is to sort my workroom and work out my next project.

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  1. Your bird feeder is such a nice idea, we have so many cats in our neighbourhood that it wouldn't be safe for the birds. It's such a lovely thing to do though.
    I too wish fine weather for the Canterbury as they have so much to deal with without weather problems adding to it. The rain hasn't reached us yet but it's certainly dull and very windy.

  2. It's been warm and sunny today. We have had high winds predicted since Saturday evening but it never quite seems to arrive, thank goodness. The aftershocks that we are still getting are enough to cause further rubble to fall from some buildings, without adding in the complication of high winds.

  3. Hi Joan, We are so at the mercy of weather aren't we? When things are going well we tend to forget how powerful it is. I really hope the weather stays fine for people affected by the earthquake. I hope you plans go well today, Joan and you get your workroom sorted out. Jane xx

  4. Your bird-feeder looks so tranquil in what is a part of the world that has been anything but tranquil of late. I am glad to see that there has been no loss of life, but the damage must be heartbreaking for the people of Christchurch.

  5. The birds must have known there was wild weather coming. I have felt surrounded by chaos today but then remembered how lucky I was to have a roof over my head and solid walls (of toys and washing and work and newspapers!). Hope you are nice and cosy in your eyrie x

  6. Sorting my workroom is high on my list of to-do's. It's too hot in our summer to work up there so it's been a kind of dumping ground for things I was too bust to deal with. With cooler days coming, I need to make it habitable again.

  7. We once had sparrows build and nest, then another, in an old, rolled up carpet waiting to be recycled on our deck. I was worried the eggs would roll down and be lost, but, the mother took good care of them. We didn't get the carpet moved out fast enough and then there was a second brood. I hope the weather holds out for the quake area, Joan. Best to you all.

  8. Autumn is well and truly on it's way here. Walking the dog today was a bit of a fight with the wind, but the rain is not coming until tonight.

    Spring is a long way off, feeding the birds will soon become not just a pleasure but a necessity.

  9. There's one particularly plump sparrow who visits my patio that I have fondly named "Joan Plowright".