Friday, September 17, 2010

Preparation For a Storm..

I walked down by the river this morning
and sure enough the river had risen in the night.
I was told by another walker that because big rain is coming ,
water has been released downstream from the hydro dam at Karapiro.
Evidently Tasmania took the full brunt of the storm last night
and we may get just the fringe of it.

This tree is not normally in the river!
A blackbird is sitting quietly on the top.

The basement of the rowing Club is half under the water.
The walking path either side of the river has disappeared.
The river is so calm and lovely.
The river taniwha are resting...maybe waiting...
the storm is coming the forecasts tell me.
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  1. Stunning photos, especially the one of the tree, oh but I do hope that rain holds off. A friend said that the river level was extremely high at Rangiriri last weekend, with the rain and extra water being released from the dams I don't want the raod to be blocked either driving down today or on our way home in the dark!

  2. That shot of the tree in the river - that's an amazing capture! Scary how quickly the waters can rise, isn't it? I hope the storm that comes isn't too severe!

  3. What stunning photos! Thanks Joan for your lovely comment on my blog :)x

  4. Love the fantastic reflection photo of the tree with the blackbird, but hoping that you don't have so much rain as to cause a problem :-)

  5. What beautiful contrasts: the stillness of the river, and then that sky which is full of impending change. The storm hit Auckland very suddenly last night, sending my chairs scudding across the balcony and dismantling my little outdoor table. I hope it's been gentle with you!