Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to someone special..

My Sister-in-law is having a birthday tomorrow.

Her family is her great love.
Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are her treasures.
She loves flowers and pink and blue and pretty things.
A sister-in-law who is also a friend is a treasure.
Happy birthday, Jean.

I made her this little postcard with a little pocket for writing a message,
a tiny handmade book, to tell her how we love her.
There is a pretty cup and saucer because whenever I visit her
we always have a cup of tea with a pretty cup.
Her health isn't the best and she doesn't go too far these days.
Our favourite day out is a look around the shops in the country town where she lives,
and lunch in the Frock Cafe, owned by fashion designer Anna Stretton.
I always have a shocking pink lamington.
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  1. This is so beautiful J, and your sister-in-law sound like a lovely lady. Shocking pink lamington - what fun!

  2. How lovely! (I had to ask Mr. Google what a lamington was. Now I can see it perfectly.)

  3. Such a beautiful and kind gift. Both the words and the picture postcard you so lovingly sewed for your sister-in-law are so touching. You brought a tear to my eyes. Good tears. Jean sounds like a wonderful woman.
    Pink lamington (shocking pink, no less). Like Vicki Lane above, I needed to google it. It looks and sounds sinfully delightful.

  4. Thank you Marilyn, Vicki and Penny. There is nothing like a really freshly made lamington with real cream in the middle. A lamington is a very kiwi thing although the Australians probably claim it as theirs. We like arguing about such things with Australians. They say they invented the pavlova!

  5. Very thoughtful and lovely, Joan. I would feel blessed to receive such a thoughtfuly hand-crafted gift. Your relationship with your S-I-L is a gift in itself.

  6. How thoughtful and creative you are, Jean!

    You are indeed both extremely-blessed and fortunate to have each other:)

  7. What a lucky sister-in-law, to be so cherished on her birthday. I love the postcard; it really touched me: so tender, with that little pocket for a note.