Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring Has Sprung! .

At last I have been back at my sewing!
I have procrastinated for so long about this quilt but this morning I rose early
(it must be spring..the sun is up earlier and so am I)
and I have actually been quilting.

Around my workroom wall, like patron saints,
I have pictures of some NZ women artists
to encourage me to be creative and industrious.
Each one is in a favourite room of her home,
surrounded by wonderful art.

Jacqueline Fahey

Rosemary Stokell

and one of my favourite writers Elizabeth Knox.

I have taken these pictures from The Sunday Star times magazine which I love to read on a Sunday morning with my coffee. I especially like these double, full page "home" pictures that feature each week. I sit with my coffee getting all excited about whose room I will be looking into this week!
I love Jacqueline Fahey's room with her wonderful paintings. It has actually featured twice, so someone else must like it too.

Elizabeth Knox has a lovely rabbit picture behind her and is that one on her T-shirt? I loved her book The Vintner's Luck. I was disappointed with the film. So much of the book was left out.

Elizabeth came to our Arts Festival and Josie and I went to her garden party in a big marquee at the gardens. She talked about the angel from The Vintner's Luck and while she spoke the sun created angel wings behind her on the canvas wall. We looked behind the marquee afterwards.. it was the shadow of a stack of chairs! I think she liked me telling her about the angel wings. It was a little bit spooky really.

I don't know much about Rosemary Stokell but I read she takes art tours to Europe. Mmm. That sounds interesting.

Oh well. I hope my patron saints on the wall inspire me to keep sewing on my quilt tomorrow.
I am determined to have this quilt finished by the end of this week!
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  1. That is such a great story about Elizabeth Knox! Good luck with staying on task... I have work piling up around me and the house is turning to squalor because I am having trouble staying out of the blogosphere. Oops!

  2. Good luck with your quilt! Once I get my tomatoes etc. put away, I'd love to do a little needlework.

  3. I so admire quilters - and you. I am not much of a seamstress I am sorry to say, so appreciative those who work with fabric creating such beautiful things.
    There is a movie you might enjoy, Joan. It is called Evelyn and is based on a true event. In the movie, the children get sent to group homes and the little girl, Evelyn, is told by her grandfather that the beams of sun shining through are angel rays. There are some lovely scenes that you would enjoy.Besides, Pierce Brosnan is in it.

  4. I love to watch movies either that is horror, action, romantic or Animated but that would based on the good theme or the real story based movies.