Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ferries... Fairies...

Oh look
Those big orange bouys say 'Ferry Lane'.
We're travelling in the ferry lane.

In the fairy lane ?
How magic
to be travelling in the fairy lane!

I wonder why they have a special ferry lane?

Well, fairies must be a protected species, maybe.
They travel fast.

Mmm.. I guess ferries do not want interruptions
as they travel across the gulf to the beautiful island.

Do you know sea fairies wear ocean blues
and white sea spray diamonds..

What do you mean?

Sea fairies belong to the sea, so of course they'd wear blue.
They ride the white horses.

Mmmm. That's a colourful way of thinking about ferries.

I love fairies. They dance in the sea mist.
I think they are called sea sprites
They look after the mermaid babies...

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  1. what a delightful play on words!! I will never travel on a ferry again without thinking of this magical world that lies beneath :)

  2. I love fairies, they are so beautiful, magical and mystical and I so love your words J, they are just as magical. Ferries - oh I love them too, they take me to wonderful places.

  3. I had a fairy garden in our previous house with miniature plants and I would hide little fairies in unexpected places and purr with delight when someone notices. Ferries and fairies. Delightful.

  4. Thank you Molly, Marilyn and Penny. Linda and I had silly fun travelling on the ferry watching out for fairies..if anyone had overheard us they would have wondered.

  5. Fairies and ferries: what fun! I enjoyed this.