Thursday, August 26, 2010

I count myself so lucky to have such a lovely ten minutes walk
from my place to Arts Post and the Print Room
on a Thursday morning.
We had rain last night and it was still cloudy.

On the way home the sky was blue and the clouds were disappearing.
Can you see the tiny aeroplane ever so high, a little white dot..
I wonder where it is going and who is travelling.

I am a little in love with clouds!
Sometimes I just can't believe I really live on this amazingly beautiful planet!
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  1. Joan, everything you have posted is so lovely. Your etching. Wow! All that you have learned and accomplished. I am impressed. Your bread. Yum. A good lunch, for sure, and all your pictures. I must admit that when I clicked onto the last cloud I was just blown away with the beauty of the cloud and the sun's presence. It is a very powerful photo.

  2. Thank you Penny, for all your kind words.