Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday ..Printmaking Class.. how is my printmaking going in the etching class?
This is my first ever, very small, etched zinc plate. (50mm x 60mm)
It has been bevelled, sanded, polished and covered with grounds.
The design has been etched into the grounds..and into the acid bath for 20 minutes.

This is the first simple print.

Now I'm deciding what will be light and what will be dark.
Shellac is painted on to protect light parts
and into the acid bath again at least twice more.
I wish you could see the prints that my classmates are producing. Inspiring I tell you!
I'm into tents.. thanks to Meliors lovely quote..
"for my children I am a house and a door...for my lover I am a silk tent flapping"
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  1. This is such an interesting post J, both Jeff and i are interested in the process and piece is beautiful and I love your words ....
    "for my children I am a house and a door...for my lover I am a silk tent flapping", they are wonderful.
    Jeff is interested in the process, he said that it's completely different but at the same time similar to the process he uses to make printed circuit boards for electronics!

  2. Thank you M. fancy it being like electronics. It certainly is an interesting process. Hey.. thrilled to hear your news. how exciting!

  3. Too cool! Isn't it wonderful to learn new stuff!