Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fickle Early Spring..

Songbirds sing at dawn
the days are growing longer
spring is in the air

The last two mornings I have woken to the exquisite courting song of a blackbird.
It makes me think of making plans for the new season.
To shake myself out of winter lethargy, to begin rising earlier and take in the new energy
from the earth,
unless of course, it is very cold and wet and then I just might stay in bed a little longer reading!
Fickle Spring. Fickle me.

I am just thinking I like the way I drew a snail in my doodle. I have really slowed down this winter. Taking time. Not rushing to achieve things. Living mindfully with the seasons does that. I can't remember a winter that I have liked so much before, or been so aware of.
It may be a life stage thing too... maybe.
Whatever it is , I like it.

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  1. What a delightful, light-hearted doodle. It dances on the page.
    Maybe liking winter has something to do with embracing it consciously, rather than resisting. I've found myself in a special flow this winter, also. The more I mark the seasons the more I love them, every one.

  2. Thank you Juliet..and of course you have much to do with my living with the seasons. Thank you for that. I am benefitting from your years of observation.

  3. Beautiful art - dancing with nature. I think what Juliet said is so true, I have embraced winter this year and loved it.

  4. I like it, too, Joan, as well your blackbird singing. We have been so busy of late that I haven't been as aware of our waning summer. All the plants in my garden that need deadheading have brought me out of my stupor.

    Spring is fickle, isn't it? I apologize now lest I steal your words on the other side of the year when I am waiting for it to come.

  5. I like the "living mindfully with the seasons", we are just heading to autumn & i am looking forward to the changes that it will bring. I dont have a favourite, but enjoy each season as it comes.

  6. Oh, Joan, I love this, Living mindfully with the seasons. Your words are exquisite. As is all of what you insightful, so optimistic, so soothing...I printed and posted a copy nearby because our summer is fading into fall, a favorite time, but not always winter. So, with a cup of tea and your beautiful words, a cold winter's day becomes warmer.

    I gasped when I read you had lost your son...oh, Joan, I'm so have been through so much...and are so warm and giving, from our house to yours, a big hug and a thank you for being so inspiring.

  7. Thank you all you special blogging friends, for the lovely comments. It is so special having this connection with you on the other side of the world. The dance of the seasons is so much more real to me.