Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Rituals of Life..

My sweet little friend Eve loved my bowl of potpourri.
The box of toys was observed, the teddy bears examined,
but it was the rose petals that attracted her attention,
delicately taking them in her fingers and watching them flutter to the floor.
There was something about the feel of the petals or the way they fell
that held her attention.
No other visitor has ever shown such appreciation of my potpourri.
Even I seldom really noticed them.

Her Mum gathered them up and placed them back in the bowl
once Eve had finished her exploration.
This little bowl of rose petals has been with me for thirteen years. Every week Mo took roses from our garden to the place where Ross lies. He was killed in a car accident at age 18. The summer sun dried the roses and I brought them home and placed them in the bowl.
Today I decided to return the petals back to the earth.. a circle completed.
Thank you little Eve and her lovely Mum.
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  1. Beautiful post J; it seems to me that children always notice what is important.

  2. Someone said didn't like little children!

  3. Your story reminds me of how I get all sorts of things out for my little granddaughter (2 years old), and then she will go to something I never thought of - like the boxes of pastels under the coffee table! I can imagine the sensory delight that little one found in the pot pourrie: smells, textures, sounds . . . How lovely that you could let her enjoy it all, and that her attention enabled you to complete a circle.

  4. Thank you Juliet ..that's lovely.

  5. so cute and so sweet

    Sherif from Egypt

  6. So beautiful, Joan. I'm sure a few tears were shed as well as you brought the rose petals home to Ross - all as the circle completed. It seems to me that darling little Eve was brought to you as part of a greater purpose.

  7. a lot of emotion in this post. Thanks so much for sharing - and helping to put life in perspective.

  8. Thank you Penny and Molly for the lovely comments.