Saturday, August 14, 2010

Low Pressure Brings The Rain..

I've been watching on TV weather reports a low coming across the Tasman Sea.
The low caused rain on The Gold Coast, Australia on Tuesday
where my sister was holidaying,
then began to move towards NZ.
All week more and more clouds gathered in our skies, travelling ahead of the low.
It turned cold .. new spring gone and winter returned for a day.
Mare's tails first, up very high, made of tiny ice particles,
then fluffy cummulus tinged with grey.

My sister is due home today and the rain has arrived too!
"Yuk" she txt me..
I took this photo of rain drops on my kitchen window, (click to enlarge)
and flipped it over to see the tiny pictures in each drop.
Precious water and light.
How life changes when I live in the moment, the now.
I really notice nature instead of being preoccupied in my head
Weather begins to be part of the dance of the seasons.

I cannot remember ever loving winter before..and how fast it is going.. spring is in the air!
The veges in my garden love this rain.
Clean water full of nitrogen that makes the plants shimmy and grow.
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  1. I love the water drops on your window pane. Up close, they look like little spring buds. Maybe the season is in the eye of the beholder at this time.