Friday, August 20, 2010

What is a Bubble..

a little water and a little soap
and a mother can make magic for her little girl

the bubbles rise and float down down down
and little Eve claps her hands and laughs with sheer delight
and chases the delicate spheres so silently landing
only to vanish at her touch into nothing
oh the mystery

my mother made bubbles with the circle of her thumb and forefinger
in the bath for my little sister and me
more more we cried
wanting the magic to never end

such a simple thing
water air soap

and love

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  1. Can you see me smiling down there from up here? What child doesn't enjoy the bubble wand and all the floating circles - and cry "let me" when the attendant adult gets carried away blowing bubbles himself? How clever, your mom, to make bubbles with her fingers. I can't wait to try that, Joan.

  2. Your comment made me laugh.. the adult getting carried away..oh how easy! The child is still in us. Little Eve tried and stuck the wand in her mouth! Pulling very funny faces! I just love having littles ones around to enjoy being a child too.

  3. What a beautiful post! Loved it...........