Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colours of Australia..

Some time ago I posted a photo of a bowl of orange persimmons
and then went looking for orange around my house.
Touches of red but not much orange.
Cousin Adele from Australia
said she would remedy that...and true to her word..
look what arrived in the mail today!

Three kitchen towels of the most gorgeous colour.
They are so lovely I could keep them in the living room!
Adele tells me the red one is to match my red tagine.
Isn't she wonderful.

I love the Aboriginal designs on the material.

This is an earlier towel Adele made for me and it is in constant use.
There is another but it is in the wash!

The new towels match the small Aboriginal painting I have on my wall.
Thank you Adele. This is such a lovely gift and I will think of you every day as I use these lovely kitchen towels.
My little kitchen will glow with colour. They will remind me of your Australian birds of wondrous colour, your wild flowers, and the art of the Aboriginal People. Australia is an amazing country..and my Aussie cousins are wonderful! I look forward to seeing you again.
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  1. Oh how wonderful ....I love mine too. I shall think of A&B every time I use them and I also love the Australian colours and flora and fauna.

  2. A puts me to shame with her sewing, M. I must get down to my sewing machine now that spring is about here. Cold just now though!

  3. Such vibrant colors, Joan, and what a gift that is not only practical, but, matches your painting.

  4. Beautiful warm shades! Persimmons are such a lovely color.

  5. Hi Joan, What a lovely thoughtful gift. I'm sure they will brighten your day every time you use them. A lovely photo of the magnolia in your previous post. It is a plant I love and don't have in my garden. I must put that right for next spring! Jane xx

  6. What a lovely gift! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :) xx

  7. Thanks Penny, Vicki. Poppy and Jessie. Am I not so spoilt! Merilyn and me..both spoilt by a lovely cousin and aunty.