Sunday, August 22, 2010


today is a day
for remembering with love..
another spring comes

you planted roses
Dublin Bay..Double Delight
by the wooden fence

I imagine they
are still there with fresh spring leaves
and roses coming

Mo...22 August 2004
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  1. I was thinking of Mo yesterday - I always remember that we (Jeff, Clare, Nathan and I) were far from home at the time in the wilds of Central Otago and couldn't get home in a hurry. I have beautiful happy memories of Mo ...indeed all four of you on the farm.

  2. Thank you M. You couldn't have been in a better place than the rolling hills of beautiful Otago.

  3. Joan, this is so lovely and "tender to the bone". I feel as if I have slowly gotten to know Mo through your words and your pictures. How well you honor his memory here. Penny

  4. Thank you Penny. You are so kind and constant. I treasure your comments.