Wednesday, August 11, 2010

just a bit of nonsense on a Wednesday!

the south end of town
is my end of town
a ten minute walk and i'm there

an old part of town
a nice part of town
wanting a coffee? it's here..

i pass the old bank
that's no longer a bank
but a restaurant and comfortable bar

and over the street
where the artists all meet
is ArtsPost most arty by far

i head down behind
that's where i find
the printroom behind the blue door

the magic is there
in the skills that they share
tomorrow i go to learn more..

The orange building was once the post office, now ArtsPost, home of the Waikato Society of Arts, with exhibitions and local art work for sale in the beautiful shop. Upstairs are studios for teaching and around the back and underneath is The Printroom.
How lucky I am to be able to walk there and find wonderfully clever artists. Our tutor is not only an artist but a NIWA scientist. An ispiration.

I like this part of our city. It is suffering from a bit of an exodus as the big chain stores head for a brand new shopping centre at the north end of town. I'm hoping our part of town becomes more boutique and unique and arty. It already has wonderful eateries and kiwi baristas are among the best coffee makers in the world .. I think so anyway!


  1. Oh J, I really do wish i lived in a certain house, it all sounds so wonderful!

  2. Lets put your name on that certain house!! THAT HOUSE IS MARILYNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN"S house!!!

  3. Your poem is so delightful and makes me want to jump on a plane (or, likely, several) and come on down for a cup of coffee and a view of all the art. I envy you and your 10 minute walk to ArtsPost and all that excites you there and allows you to grow - and make us all happy with your doodles and etching and words.

  4. What a lovely poem and I also envy you your walk to ArtsPost......

    I want to say how beautiful the post was about Ephi, but I couldn't leave a message. It was such a delightful post with beautiful photographs.

  5. Oh yes Penny. Fly down! To the end of the world! And we'll have a cup of coffee and all kinds of adventures!

    Thank you MM too. You wouldn't have sofar to fly I think!