Monday, August 9, 2010

The Gift of Light..

This morning I was sitting drinking my tea on my little deck ,
enjoying the warmth of the winter sun and
listening to the RadioNZ book review/reading for the day,
and I noticed my shadow...

and the sunlight hitting the chrome leg of a chair
making me squint my eyes.

I thought about Nephi, a little boy I once taught who, because of his autism,
was totally enchanted with light.
He could spend hours if left in his own magic world, just gazing in awe..
watching reflections and refractions of light.
Nephi would seek out anything shiny that reflected the light
then he'd send the rays of reflected light out into dark corners..
or into the faces of those of us too busy to be noticing the miracle of light..

This morning I have taken a little time Nephi,
I have been gazing at light in awe..
Thank you!
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  1. beautiful pictures and i can somewhat understand tyour autistic "friend", as sight is a gift and light is a marvel we can all appreciate in its many forms. i know it is a gift as my father has gone blind many years ago, because he's diabetic and never was cautious with his health. he now cries over his loss...

    myself being quite visual, it would be dreadful to lose my sight. so, one enjoys eveything he can.

  2. I love the play of light, the patterns and shadows it creates.

  3. That last one appealed to me the most - it is so simple and elegant.
    (Yes, I'm in the south - Christchurch - and my latest "whine" was not so much because I am miserable about winter, but because there seems to be a lot of summer fun going on, over the internet, that I feel left out of!. Never mind, spring is coming!)

  4. Beautiful story and imagery, dear Joan. I felt enriched by it. I saw the light. :)