Friday, August 13, 2010

What is a Weed? or Happy Birthday Jane!!

I loved Jane's post about her plant in a pot
that friends tell her is probably a weed.

As I walked to the film festival this morning
as always..carrying my little camera..
I noticed these pretty plants
and snapped them, thinking of Jane..
I think they look just right where they are growing,
Mother Nature's own little gardens..
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  1. Thank you Joan, I'll just carry on enjoying my weeds or wild flowers! I's my birthday today so it's lovely to think of someone thinking of me on the other side of the world! Jane xx

  2. Your photos are lovely J. I am often amazed how plants can grow in the tiniest of cracks and look so healthy. If we planted something in a gap in the concrete or a crack in a wall it would never grow - nature sure is wonderful.