Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Lamps for Bridgid...

Lucy C sent me a link to these beautiful little mandarin lamps.
Just perfect for candlemass..Bridgid or First Light.

Thank you Lucy and Lucy.
(Lucy means light !)
I had to make one immediately.
They are perfect for this season.
Aren't we all enjoying juicy easy to peel mandarins right now?

You can find how to make these on Lucy Patterson's blog Hands On. Wonderful Lucy - both!
How much nicer it is to celebrate old festivals within their rightful season.

Thinking of Lucy meaning light. The feast of St Lucy is celebrated December 13. ( In the Julian calendar the 13th December was the shortest day. )
Transpose that to the southern hemisphere and it would be June 13 , I think.
In Sweden St Lucy's Day is celebrated as a Festival of Light.
I must remember next year.

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