Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodil Day.. in NZ

a daffodil

flower of spring
the season of new life and rebirth..

cheerful flower of captured sunlight
brightly reminding us of life and hope,
and the joys of the new season ahead..

This vase of beautiful double blooms was a surprise gift
this afternoon from some very special friends..
memory flowers..
thank you, thank you!
They came with a delicious fruity loaf.
It is so lovely when someone gives you a gift out of the blue.
How spoilt am I!
This little daffodil I bought today at the supermarket door for Daffodil Day, in support of The Cancer Society. Too many of us know the impact of cancer in our lives.

We grieve the loss of our loved ones ...
and give thanks for those who survive...

and we buy daffodils today to help those who search for cures.

Daffodil Day has become a special day in NZ that really fits the season. That makes me feel happy! We need a few more festivals like that.

PS: Penny tells me thay have Daffodil Day in the States in their spring. There lies my dream.. for our festivals to be seasonal. We could have Easter in our spring and Christmas in our winter, just like our Daffodil Day fits into it's proper season.
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  1. Yes Daffodil Day J, we will always remember all those we have lost to cancer; and also to think of those who have survived.
    And yes, daffodils are just right for the season.

  2. We have daffodil day here as well, only on the other side of the year, of course. It is a beautiful way to remember those we have lost and those who are survivors. Best to you, Joan.

  3. There Penny, we can have seasonal festivals at different times of the year. We have daffodil day in our spring and you in your spring. How I wish our Easter was also in Spring as yours is, and our christmas in the winter.

  4. Memory flowers; yes indeed. The daffodils were blooming everywhere when someone dear to me died. And yet, as you say, they are 'cheerful flowers of captured sunlight': what a happy image. And here it is, a flower of hope for those who are struck by cancer. Such contrasts. I feel touched by this post; thank you.