Sunday, August 29, 2010

Light on the Water..

I was reading Juliet's post about the beauty of the light track on the sea..
and remembered a lovely experience I had when on a Mediterranean cruise
my Aunty V. aged 87, in 2005.

This is a page from my diary of our amazing journey together.
We were heading towards the Greek Island of Corfu.

I rose early every morning to see the sun come up from the top deck.
The first morning I was alone and as the sun rose
it made a track of light straight to me.
A man arrived on the deck but further along and he too was watching the sunrise.

It struck me how the sun still made a red-gold track only to me..and not to the man..
To the man it would have appeared that the sun was making a track of light only to him, and not to me.
The wonder of having eyes of course.
I had this overwhelming feeling, the universe was telling me something, a parable of nature.
That each one of us is loved beyond belief.. unique and special.

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  1. What a beautiful, overwhelming feeling to share with the shaft of sunlight and that each one of us is loved. I believe this, Joan. It helps us through the rough times and makes the good times even brighter. I love your travel journal. I usually journal when we go on a trip. Doesn't it bring you right back to wherever you have been to pull it out and read it years later? I learn a little bit more about life each time I read you here.

  2. Such a lovely comment thank you Penny. You are so right about keeping a journal. It was Juliet's book about visual diaries that started me keeping a travel journal with pictures about thirteen years ago.

  3. Lovely post J, it is such a wonderful feeling to be standing near water and see the shaft on sunlight coming directly towards me.
    I too loved Corfu, had wonderful days travelling around on the back of an old scooter, explored the island like this with wonderful weather day after day and magic wee tavernas where we would order food directly from looking in the pots and seeing what was being prepared.

  4. This is so beautiful, and touching and true. What a marvellous metaphor, that light track on the water, reaching each of us as if we are the chosen one. Thank you for this glimpse into your travel diary, and what a thrill it is for me to know that my book inspired you to keep such a journal all those years ago!

  5. Thank you Juliet. It is wonderful to meet you blogging after all those years of knowing your books. I had students and ancillary staff all keeping visual diaries back then. I am a bit wordy though . I always seem to need to write as well as draw.

  6. I LOVE your diary and only wish I had been more creative with my own travel diaries. I used to but somehow went back to merely logging facts most of the time. Thank you for reminding me to be more creative when trying to capture a moment, and to take a little bit longer to think about what I'm seeing!

  7. What a beautiful diary! And I love the parable!

  8. ONG Greece my favorite place on the whole world .My journal's I kept on my trip there are my favs!!!This is an awesome page too!!

  9. Hi Joan, What a beautiful journal. You are so lucky to be so artistic! I visited Corfu in 1972 and read My Family And Other Animals By Gerald Durrell at the same time. It is a really magical place. Thank you so much for reminding me. Jane xx

  10. Thanks BrokenBiro for calling, and Vicki and Julie..isn't Greece something else! I have not read durrell's book Poppy.. I will be looking for it!