Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A beautiful clear blue sky day today
and the magnolia has begun to bloom.
Spring is coming
and I feel the need to plan and sort and clean...

and sure enough
the big moon that visited Vicki in the mountains in America
where Autumn is around the corner...
is shining on us in Aotearoa-New Zealand tonight.
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  1. I agree with your comment over at my place -- what a wonder this world is -- you heading into spring, me into autumn, and the same moon overseeing it all! And we can share the awe like this!

  2. Oh, Joan, however did you capture our moon so lovely in the night sky? I missed it last night for a cloud cover and here I awake to your capturing it so.

  3. Hello Joan! Thank you for visiting my blog. You've got an interesting blog with beautiful photos. Your head photo is fantastic.

  4. Thank you Vicki and Penny and Grethe. One thing I am envious of..your calendar fits the season! You are coming into Autumn and as the season mellows you will have Halloween and festivals that are quiet and mellow too.
    Here it will be spring..and Halloween..