Friday, August 13, 2010

A Metaphor : audacious tenacity...

Marilyn commented how plants grow in the most impossible places,
in little cracks in paths or walls..

It reminded me of this photo I took in Sydney in January.
Imagine trying to grow a tree like this.
I love the peeling paint. It is not a perfect environment but maybe the tattiness has given the tree the ability to cling and grow. A plant by it's very nature lives in the moment. No fear of what might happen . No dwelling on the past. Slowly root by root taking hold and growing, perfectly fitting into the place it finds itself.

Looking at the tree I think -
anything is possible!
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  1. This is amazing j and is exactly what I meant - tenacity indeed.

  2. It amazes me M how plants can push there way through concrete. The council has recently re-sealed our footpath, and already tree roots are pushing their way through.

  3. I just love that will to grow and flourish - no matter what. This tree growing so is amazing and to think that there is enough sun and light and nourishment there for it to live. Amazing.

  4. Joan do you remember where you found this wonderful tree?