Monday, October 4, 2010

Spring Walk to the Supermarket..

where is this garden

riroriro sings his canon of ecstasy
kotare the kingfisher calls for the rain
in the clearest sky of the bluest blue

and the sun shines so bright the stars are eclipsed

where is this heavenly garden

where blossoms burst in a wonder of pink
and a flounce of white
and the bees are heavy and drunk on sweet pollen

where is this garden

of yellow and gold
that is kowhai beauty
and champagne air

where is this garden

with new born leaves of the goldest green
that appear like magic
when no one is watching

this garden is my supermarket carpark

transformed by looking
with eyes that see
while I am walking
camera in hand

I only came for a loaf of bread
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  1. Wonderful! Beauty is everywhere for eyes that see.

  2. All for a loaf of bread. I think that life is filled with tiny miracles each and every day; the trees, the birds, the sun and moon. Joan, I can almost smell the blossoms. Isn't spring divine?

  3. Oh, I want to walk with you! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh thank you Vicki, Penny and Talon for visiting my crazy ramblings. I think spring is affecting me.

  5. Wonderful J, what you say is so true - looking with eyes that see. I have found so much of beauty since I started really 'seeing'.

  6. Awesome and awe-inspiring tribute to the meaning of the saying, "stop and smell the flowers"!! As Maslow said, the sacred is in the mundane, in one's own backyard. (((hugs)))

  7. I love that Dark Moon. ..the sacred is mundane..

  8. I love it. You are so lyrical. And the loaf of bread at the end: wonderful, so basic.