Friday, October 22, 2010

A Day in Te Pahu..

I've had a few busy days but the long weekend has arrived in NZ..Labour Day on Monday.
Here are a few quick words from a litle bit tired me
 about my day out yesterday.
Yesterday I went to Te Pahu
my home for 33
 hugely significant years of my life
my years of marriage and motherhood
The Westerly Wind blew and blew a big fat welcome
Ha ha.. I know you Westerly Wind
I said

the mountain
misty and blue
stood serenely looking on as always
the guardian of the place

and the Westerly Wind picked salty air from the sea
and whipped it over the mountain
and dumped it on Te Pahu and me

as it always did

the wind always knew
I'd come from an ocean place
and just in case
I'd be lonely for the sea
it delivered salty air
from the ocean to me

the trees were still that early gold
before the leaves turn green

and all the while the cows
standing knee deep in fresh spring grass
munched and chewed
ignoring the wind
and me

 Beautiful Te Pahu and  Pirongia..
my homecoming 

and best of all are the friends
who still live there
you are dearest of all

but should one day
all  friends be gone 
  there will always be
the land
and the mountain

 and you, wild friend 
Westerly Wind

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  1. Achingly beautiful words and pictures!

  2. Homeward bound and so beautiful, Joan. I long to see your New Zealand: your hills and valleys and your people and here you are, bringing it to me in such a tender and poetic manner. A lovely and loving post. Thank you.

  3. What a gorgeous gorgeous place you live in, Joan. I loved your poem. The West Wind...sounds a lively and knowing one. Puts me in mind of our East Wind.

    The photos are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful writing about a very special place, the ocean giving you a reminder of your love for that salty sea air. Lovely pictures, too: the cows, the trees, the green grass and the mountains. Just beautiful.