Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Cats..

My little neighbour Saraya-Grace turned one this week.

All year six year old big sister Victoria-Sophia
has waited for little sister to turn one
so 'she won't be zero anymore!'

I got busy in my studio and made a softie cat.
Victoria-Sophia saw the pattern and thought she would really like one too.
One year olds are quite happy sharing birthdays with big sisters,
so two softie cats it was.

While the family was away at work and school
I went next door and the two cats were most happy
sitting in the bougainvillea waiting for the two sisters to come home.

Down came the to rain..
so back I went and this time hid the cats under the feijoa tree.
The man across the street waved at me.
I think he wondered what on earth I was up to.

I left a note in the mailbox..

I'm happy to say everyone was happy ..girls and cats,
but I tell you, I got such a lot of fun out of the whole adventure!

How lucky am I to have lovely neighbours.
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  1. Hej Joan, the girls must have been so happy when they came home and saw those cats. They are so sweet and lovely. I think the girls are lucky to have a neighbour like you!
    Grethe `)

  2. What wonderful cats, I think they are lucky to have you as their neighbour. I would love a cat like these ;-)

  3. These are lovely Joan and what a fun way to give them to your little neighbours......:0}

  4. And how lucky your neighbors are to have someone as lovely as you.
    What fun it must have been for big sister to find the cats and for little sister to have her birthday gift. These are the cutest cats! So clever you are, Joan.

  5. Cool Cats. :) What a fun way to present them to the girls.

  6. Those cats are so charming! And the girls must have LOVED the treasure hunt as much as you did setting it up, Joan!

  7. Those cats are gorgeous! The two little sisters with the lovely names must have been so thrilled. They will never forget their wonderful neighbour. How delightful to live next door to you!

  8. What a sweet neighbor you are! Love the stuffed cute!

  9. The softie cats are precious and what a creative, fun way to give them to the girls. If everyone had a sweet neighbor like you...well, how nice the world would be!

  10. The cats are adorable! I love the bright and cheerful colors. You are such a thoughtful neighbor : )

  11. Thank you all you lovely people for your lovely responses. You are all so kind!

  12. Just loved this.............. The cats are just wonderful in their colourfulness and you had such a "fun" way of giving them...........

  13. Such fun for all of you! Well done!