Monday, October 18, 2010

The simple things..

out walking
in between cheeky spring showers

it is the simple things that take my eye today

the simplicity of a dandelion

the sheen on the buttercup

and the simplicity of the upturned faces of violas

growing impossibly in the cracks of the sidewalk.

The art of art
the glory of expression
and the sunshine of the light of letters
is simplicity

   Walt Whitman
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  1. It's those simple little bits of life that make it the exquisitely beautiful place it is, as you have so simply and eloquently shown to us here.

  2. I so agree - the simple things are so beautiful! Your photos are lovely - and really I love the buttercup sheen - you captured it perfectly!

  3. Such happy faces and I especially love the buttercups. Don't you just love the "volunteers" that pop up between the cracks here and there. Such tenacity to survive in the littlest of things and it is good to hear from Walt Whitman.

  4. Thank you for that beauty in simplicity. So little is needed to evoke joy.

  5. I love dandelions and buttercups and Walt Whitman's words express simplicity so perfectly.

  6. I have always loved the sight of flowers growing in the cracks of sidewalks. Beauty just seems to find itself, doesn't it? He knew his heart (and mine), that Walt.

  7. wow you have life figured out beautifully
    happy spring

  8. Gorgeous flowers!