Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Day.

the sight
of white cotton sheets

flipping and flapping
in a
spring day breeze

makes me
like dancing

and the warm spring sun
on my skin
feels like
a tonic
pure simple goodness

and I just have to say

what a life
i live..

  and i day dream
of a
long gone
and a mother
who hung out white cotton sheets
in the breeze
with wooden pegs
the warm sunshine of love

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  1. Isn't it always the simple things in life that make us glad to be here, Joan?

    Whenever I feel the sunshine on my shoulders, I'm reminded of what really counts. Nice post.

  2. What evocative photos! I have special memories of sheets flapping on the line, which I write about in my memoir Touching Snow. The sound, the sight and then the smell of those sheets - it's all there in your post. Thank you.

  3. Ah Juliet.. you have it..when I bring the washing in I sink my face into the sheets just for that smell!

    You are so right Martin.. the simple things of life are the essence.

  4. So beautiful!! The sight, the smell . . . beautifully captured in words and pictures.

    To answer the question you asked about SIGNS IN THE BLOOD -- peepers are little small tree frogs that chirp all night long in breeding season. And lightning bugs (the Southernism for fireflies) are flying insects that flash off and on all night long in breeding season!

  5. Oh, Joan, I love this and can almost smell the sun on the sheets and hear them flapping in the spring breeze. I especially like the first one - it reminds me of a moonflower unfurling. Lovely.

  6. When I put sun-dried sheets on the bed, it makes me smile every time knowing at night I'll go to sleep with that fabulous scent infusing my dreams.

    Gorgeous, Joan. It's the little things that make life good. You celebrate them beautifully.

  7. I have likened it to the smell of childhood. It always brings me peace and quiet joy. Love your words and images.

  8. Vicki..thank you thank you..tree frogs! I thought they might be frogs...and lightning bugs. We don't have them and they sound wonderful. Thank you.

    Penny..oh yes ..your moonflower.
    Talon: oh yes hopping into sun-dried sheets. Mmmm.
    Teresa Evangeline: smells from childhood stay with us don't they.

  9. fabulous photos J. Wasn't it a lovely day.

  10. Ah, this is gorgeous. There's something so calming, saying all is well in the world, to see laundry flapping in the breeze. It's a sight I don't see enough of, anymore.

  11. and here in the states the leaves are starting to dancing in the air and breeze of fall.

  12. Nothing beats the smell of sun-dried washing (not even sun-dried tomatoes!) xx

  13. I can feel the smell of the linen in grandma's garden.....