Friday, October 8, 2010

Anam Cara.

my friend
you are like spring to me

remember when we were young
we searched for what it all could mean

and joyously we gave ourselves
the great
I Am
we thought we knew

we did not understand
to reach the wisdom we sought
there would be dark days
and sorrows
and the losing of ourselves

but now we reach
at last
the time of understanding
and we discover in
the unknowingness
and the stillness

that all along the answer was there
in our beginning

as we enter the autumn
of our lives
our friendship is like spring to me


anam cara
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  1. Cherished friendships. This is such a beautiful tribute.

  2. You capture the mystery and joy of friendship so beautifully. I love the way the cream has formed two heart shapes on the coffee. And the photo of the duck on the water is exquisite: so reflective - literally and metaphorically.

  3. Long-time friendship is one of the best things in life bar none. Absolutely lovely, Joan!

  4. and thank you Teresa Evangeline and Juliet and Talon for beautiful responses. You are right Juliet..the duck on the water is reflective twice over. The lake this morning as we walked around it, was more a reflective sky than a lake. Barbara and I spent about an hour sharing our thoughts.. it was just too beautiful, and we loved the hearts on our coffee too!

  5. Beautiful, and sums up the essence of anam cara.

  6. Absolutely perfect -- your words and pictures are wonderful. One of the joys of aging is realizing the deep beauty of long time friendships.

  7. This is just so very beautiful, Joan, and pulled at my heartstrings. I love the thought of old friendships awakening anew as we age and can, indeed, attest to that happening in my own life. To old friends - and new!

  8. So true the journey we have to take to come full circle to ourselves. Beautiful photos of the lake!

  9. What a beautiful calming post. Thank you.