Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Season of Greening..

It is the season of green
around me..
when I wake the street glows green in the early morning sunshine
and all day the green makes me feel glad.

Down at the lake
the cabbage trees are in flower
white amongst the green

a sure sign that summer is coming

and the world seems fresh and new

and yes Juliet..I agree,  even the onion flowers
look beautiful.. white amongst the green.

The Earth is a wonderful dance of the seasons.
As the green bursts around us here in Aotearoa/New Zealand
the leaves fall in the northern lands
and red and yellow and orange hues are seen in the photos of
 northern friends.
  So it is we all participate in the same seasonal dance..
perfectly balanced
spring here..autumn there..
as our planet travels around the sun
slowly tilting this way then that way in the most wonderfully
choreographed dance of all.
How amazing is that.
It amazes me how this is all taken so much for granted.
The older I get the more wondrous it is!
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  1. Those cabbage trees are wonderful. And you are on the way to summer. Oh! how envious I am.
    Grethe `(

  2. The onion flowers do look lovely indeed! I enjoyed your green and white theme; it's so like what I'm seeing at the moment.

  3. I am loving all the fresh green we are seeing now too.

  4. Such a lovely dance, indeed, Joan. I think that the early green in spring has its own magnificence that you capture so well here. Thank you for this breath of spring.

  5. Yes, thank you, Joan, for this breath of spring. Your lovely photos, all that greenery, so fresh and reaching for the sky, touched the golden and red leaves here, and I felt a surge of warmth.

  6. Joan, your photos celebrate the beauty of the new Spring perfectly. Spring greens are so vibrant and just sing of life!

  7. ;))) Kisses from yellow Poland!!!

  8. And we bow from our places opposite one another on the great circle and dance as the circle wheels on... Lovely metaphor! And beautiful pictures!