Friday, October 29, 2010

My second attempt at a zinc plate etching..
I used a left hand / nondominant hand drawing of a woman.My left hand drawings are always a bit wonky but have more soul I think although there is something lost in copying lines to the plate. I think this woman is peeved because she is not going to see Leonard Cohen tonight!

a simple line print - once through the acid bath

the final print with tones added through three further dips in the acid bath.
It is so exciting learning this method of making a print. I still have lots to learn.

I am very excited because tonight I am going to the Leonard Cohen concert in Auckland .I have loved his poetry and songs for nearly all my life.  He was in NZ last year but I was away travelling.  I was told by so many how wonderful the concerts were so I am very happy to be going this time.
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  1. I'm turning green with envy, but mostly I'm just really happy for you. Have a wonderful evening.

    The print is very nice. Sort of a Matisse look to it.

  2. I am just back from a 16km walk, I saw the day wake up and what a beautiful day it is ...and we have Leonard Cohen tonight, magic at both ends of the day!
    Your etching is lovely, it must be a fascinating process.

  3. That's a pretty etching, Joan. And a fine drawing.

  4. I am jealous. Jealous and green with envy. Pure envy. I have no shame. Enjoy, dear Joan, and then tell us all about Leonard and his music.
    Your etching is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us here. Penny

  5. I second that emotion - about not seeing Leonard Cohen. I'm completely jealous.

    How intriguing to draw with a non-dominant hand. I like that idea!

    Have a fabulous time, Joan. But of course you will :)

  6. So nice to have a concerteksperience. Cohen are realy a good singer and poet. I hope you had a god time. You are realy an artist yourself. Wonderful etsed painting you have made. A woman with soul in her eyes. Wonderful.