Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The moon was still in the sky
when I rose this morning..

a pale moon rising

imagine if we saw the moon only once in a lifetime..
imagine this was the only day that it appeared..

everyone outside
looking up in awe and wonder
people would travel from far and wide to see the moon.

Wow! Look at the moon.. how amazing!

I've been thinking about this today
since I looked at Hobbiton on Ruthie's blog.
( a-faeritale-of-inspiration)
Green Hobbiton, home of the Hobbits.
Lush green fields and trees and hills

in my very own country New Zealand

and Ruthie's visitors to her blog commenting that
it is on their wish list to visit
this amazing place in Aotearoa\New Zealand

and do you know what?
I live less than an hour from Hobbiton
and I have never visited.

Hobbiton is a beautiful Waikato farm
like a thousand other beautiful Waikato farms.


We forget to be astonished
every day at what is at our backdoor.

My dream was to visit the other side of the earth.
I've been there several times and it was amazing.
I think I will go visit Hobbiton
very soon.

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  1. I hope you do take the trip, Joan. We often overlook that which is right under our noses. Maybe it's human nature to take things for granted, but it's a great thing when we realize we're doing that and look at the things around us in awe and wonder.

  2. There's a science fiction story set in a world where the stars are only seen once in a thousand years - because the world has several suns and it is almost all daylight.
    Rather than wonder, the fall of night inspires terror.
    I do believe that things that are close can sometimes be just as amazing as things on the other side of the world, though

  3. This is such a lovely post. More good chook wisdom. I like it! (Am off to look at moon and sleeping child)

  4. Dear Joan, your words ring so true. If we lived each moment of our lives thinking this way we would remember to drink in all the beauty of the small things too, that is why my other blog is called "5 precious things", to remind me to look for them each & every day. I live here in this stunning part of sw scotland and when visitors come to stay they ask to visit places near by that still remain a mystery to me! Do enjoy your visit to Hobbiton x x thank you for the mention x x

  5. I love your pale moon rising and your reminder of each precious day and all it has to offer. Our sun has not yet risen on our little corner of the earth and we may not see it much today at all as high winds are expected. I think I'll be missing the sun and the moon for a few days time. sigh

  6. I look forward to visiting Hobbiton via your blog, Joan. But for now I'll pop over to Ruthie's...

  7. There is such beauty everywhere. I always need a reminder to slow down a bit and notice things right outside my window. Enjoy Hobbiton! I am quite a fan of the Hobbits.

  8. Hobbiton is on my bucket list!
    I know what you mean...I live in the redwoods in Norhtern California, could walk redwood trails every day. I take it for granted that some people yearn to see these forests and dream about them.
    We all have so many blessings.