Thursday, October 14, 2010

Doodles with a difference.. the more i look the more i see..

I do not know what to call it..

Stained Glass Woman

bending over backwards

(Sorry Chagall..)

I have been doodling with collage lately.
I thought I would share a couple of them with you.
Doodling and collage often move me very much.
I am always surprised at what appears.

(I cannot remember who the artist is that painted the woman
looking upwards in the Woman collage. 
Collage is a strange art, using images from old magazines, calendars etc.
but absolutely absorbing.)
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  1. Fabulous art J; I love each one.

  2. They are mesmerizing, Joan! You have a great eye for composition...and, like you, I see more and more each time I look. I could see how this would be totally relaxing and enjoyable to create and revealing, too!

  3. These are wonderful collages, Joan. I always enjoy your doodles and these just take them to new heights. Thank you.

  4. They are beautiful, I wish I could take a class with you

  5. I do some collage, usually just birthday cards for friends and family, but these are exquisite. Your "doodling," makes them magical!

  6. So beautiful. Can just see and see forever. So many things to lay eye on. Wonderful. Thanks for shearing it with us.

  7. What lovely collages. They are filled with exciting details, and they are like fairy-tales.You might easily find a name for the first one, a fairy-tale name. There is an eel in the corner. It might be the story about the eel-king in the lake.

  8. Oh thank you friends around the world!! How amazing is this world of blogging! Thanks Marilyn, Penny, Talon.
    Thanks Catherine.. a class would be fun!
    Thanks Teresa Evangeline and Ruth's datter.. and thank you Grethe.. isn't this what art is ..i do it and you explain a meaning that i missed! I love the idea of the Eel King. Thank you