Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Goose for Grethe...

one grey goose swimming
on softest shot silk water
distant thoughts of Grethe..

one white goose flapping
archangel wings of whiteness
in morning rituals

stillness in my mind
for even just a moment
perfection attained

These are the geese at the lake that I met on my early morning walk this morning ..
and I thought of Grethe on the other side of the planet ... she wrote about geese on her blog..
so i sent her blessings from Aotearoa/ New Zealand
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  1. Joan, is this beautiful geese for me? I don't know what to say. I am so touched. What beautiful photos of a white goose and such a beautiful poem. You're so kind.Thank you.
    Grethe *)

  2. Joan, Wonderful! "Archangel wings of whiteness," indeed. Lovely Grethe, lovely poem and photos, perfect.

  3. I lovely post, Joan - and two kinds of geese!

  4. Sweet! It looks like it is coming out of the water to talk to you about it all. :-)

  5. Lovely - especially the goose with outstretched wings.

  6. This is so poetic Joan; I felt in the presence of angels.