Monday, October 11, 2010

Contemplation at the lake..

Resting on still water
one bird
and oneness

one boy
one kayak
on still water

paddles dipping

all in stillness

in the stillness
of my mind
i find

We have had some beautiful spring days and the lake has been a picture of stillness,
but our spring is fickle and a cold snap is on its way again.
During the weekend I planted my hanging baskets
and trimmed my griselinea hedge. Spring tasks for summer beauty.

School holidays are over and children and teachers are back in school today.
After years of teaching it still seems a little strange,
but also wonderfully free, not to be starting a new term, the final term of 2010,
the term of craziness with Christmas and the long summer break ahead.

I read in Talon's post that it is thanksgiving in Canada.
How wonderful to have thanksgiving in Autumn,
when the harvesting is done and a season of rest has arrived.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our Northern friends.

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  1. This is such a lovely, contemplative post, Joan. Your pictures are wonderful and I am especially drawn to the first with its mirror images.
    Here in our Autumn, it is very warm at 80 degrees plus. We are still watering plants! Autumn, it seems, is just as fickle here.

  2. Oh, this post was so beautiful...the "one" just resonating and reinforcing that solitary pursuits can be so soul restoring (and I say this longing for a little of that in the hubbub of the holiday weekend here - lol). Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes.

    I'm so enjoying watching your Spring unfold gorgeously into Summer. I'm really looking forward to living vicariously through your warm weather when we're deep into the snow here, Joan. :)

  3. well thank you for the good wishes!!

  4. What a lovely post Joan. I love this kind of water, rivers and lakes. We used to have boats that we holidayed on the inland waterways in England when we were children...I'm not as keen on the sea except when I'm crossing it to go somewhere exciting.

    I've just written a meme posting on my blog called 'Orderliness and Harmony' and wonder if you would like to be tagged to join in?

    I hope so. If you do decide to you can answer as many or few of the questions as you like, using images or text or both and do so in your own time...there isn't a time limit.......

    Have a good day

  5. Beautiful words and pictures! And I am getting so much delight from your spring!

  6. Yes, so lovely as many have said. Thank you for following my blog and listing it on your own blog list!

  7. This is so beautiful. I became very still as I contemplated the 'one' in these images.