Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arum Lilies and Lawn Daisies..

green white and yellow
from my kitchen window
while I cook my dinner
you make me feel glad

green white and yellow
simplicity in essence
while I wash my dishes
you make my heart sing

green white and yellow
peacefulness and purity
holy saints and virgins

in silence you appeared
passers-by don't notice

but Russell the artist
from over the street
stops to stare

he's noticed
green white and yellow

I think he feels glad
I think his heart sings...

a lightness in his stride
and head held high
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  1. Hej Joan! I love the lilies, they are so pure and beautiful, but I also love the modest "Marguerites". They are always so sweet,meeting you out in the grass, looking for the sun.
    Grethe `)

  2. So pure, so white and lovely that they were spotted and admired and loved........

  3. The lilies are exquisite and the daisies so friendly.

  4. I love lilies and they always make me think of spring and, of course, you are there in New Zealand in the throes of spring. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Joan. A happy scene for me way up here on another blustery day.

  5. There is something magical about white in the garden. It is so refreshing to see green and white and yellow, Joan, when color here is being blown away by the wind.

    Gorgeous photos and beautiful words. I love that you and Russell both enjoyed the beauty of nature's canvas.