Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Little Book..

This is another little book I have made from
a children's board book.
This little book had lift out flaps.

I made this book to celebrate the life I shared growing up
with my little sister Linda.

It was the life of our imaginations

imaginary games and and places and people
and dreams shared

looking back now

what was imaginary seems as real
as everything else
that  happened in our lives

how rich is a child's life
when she has time and freedom
to play
to imagine
and dream
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  1. Exactly so! The life of the imagination is just as real. Like dreams. I love the ideas here and that book - what a precious gift to your sister.

  2. Gorgeous, Joan! What a beautiful book. What you say is so true - that's why I think that it's so important to find time to play creatively as an adult, too - keeps us young at heart. :)

  3. The sister closest to my age and I (I have five sisters!) were talking about this the other day. She reminded me about how every night when we went to bed, I used to tell stories about our dolls coming alive and their adventures. I think your sister will cherish that gift above all others. Imagination and dreaming are what gilds our lives.

  4. Oh, your little books are so beautiful. I bet the CWI didn't know what had hit them! I think you should go into production (like a good chook!) It's Friday and we miss visiting you xx

  5. I love this book too J, and I think the magic of childhood is that it was real. As children we lived in fully and as Talon said, it's important to do this now too. My two had great fun putting a blanket over a coffee table and would get in under the blanket covered table and they were in China. They had so many adventures in China.

  6. Oops bad spelling - I meant we lived in the imaginary world fully.

  7. Hello Joan!
    What a wonderful book you have made. You are truly an artist. So wonderful memorys. I am so impressed. Gosh.
    Hug to you

  8. Such a wonderful way to share your childhood with your sister. Your books are so lovely, Joan, and I so admire your talent. I loved my imaginary friends of my childhood, some of whom I shared with my little sister. Some I kept just to myself when I needed to. ha