Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you Kitchenmaid!

Kitchenmaid the Chef Divine
this parting gift from me is thine to pop it out of sight
in the freezer in case you might
over-indulge..would be a shame
and Kitchenmaid would be to blame..

and so I left it tucked away
one whole night and one whole day
but then began to drool and dream
and fantasize and plan and scheme.
I couldn't wait a minute longer,
the urge to see was growing stronger.

Inside the pack a gorgeous thing
shortbreadish base fit for a king..
but on the top was best you see
lumps of dark chocolate all for me
and freshest sticky dates galore
Oh, I fainted, there is more..
for all around and in and out
over top and all about
was quite the most delicious sauce
of caramel.. which I gorged of course.

I only ate one piece..or two
and re-wrapped the rest in case one of you
happened to visit around about three
and we could've had a nice cup of tea
and shared the rest of this slice divine.

but.. you never turned up..
so.. the rest was all mine!

(Now I need a big walk around the lake! I did share some..
with Sweet Pete the Jazzman
and he thought it very good.)
Thank you Kitchenmaid. I will miss you and the wee girl..
and I look forward to your blog posts from your new city...
and maybe you'd better share this recipe
with anyone who did not turn up to share this with me!!
Lots of love ..and more divine cooking.

Isn't it so special when someone makes something with their hands as a gift.
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  1. Oh my, the calories I just consumed looking at this tasty treat! Now that is a wonderful gift to receive and presented here for our viewing pleasure in such a tasty way with delicious words and phrases. The combination of chocolate, date, and shortbread sounds divine. I'm off to bed and visions of sugarplums will surely be dancing in my head.

  2. Wonderful J, it's like a Santa bag in that it was full of goodies, what a wonderful gift.

  3. We miss you already, but very glad you enjoyed the irresistably good slice. Stay tuned for the recipe! xxx