Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I've nearly finished this little book
that I showed you last night,
made from a children's board book

This is my little book of hours.
It is still slightly wet so I haven't written words in it yet.
Just as I love living the seasons of the year
so too do I love the idea of the hours.
I have loved Macrina Wiederkehr's book
Seven Sacred Pauses

This little book holds just the key to each of the hours
The bookmark I made has a small bell
because in the monastery bells announce the hours.

I put a favourite bird on the front
because birds sing all day and live in the present moment

To me the hours are a way of being mindful and living in the now.
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  1. Your book is beautiful Joan, I would never tire of looking at it, thinking of the meaning of each of the hours. It's so very spiritual.

  2. Just beautiful! I was so intrigued by yesterday's post and simply can't believe that you completed this project in just one day.

    I love the subject of the book as well. Very thought provoking.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Your gifts and your talent are so amazing, Joan. Your book is so lovely and meaningful and to be mindful of the hours in a such a way is precious beyond compare. I love the idea of a small bell as a bookmark to announce the hours. You do the best bookmarks!
    Is this a board book that you first paint over?

  4. Hej Joan! Your book is so beautiful, and the name Book of Hours is catching. The idea with the bell is a sweet bookmark. You're very gifted, Joan.
    Best wishes
    Grethe ´)

  5. I, too, love this idea, and when I enlarged your image so I could easily read what the hours marked, I was so taken with how one can view each aspect of the day in a very spiritual way. Thank You, so much. This is very beautiful. I think I might have to create my own.

  6. Joan, what a beautiful and uplifting book! I like the reminder that living in the now is so important. In actuality, it's all we have. Absolutely gorgeous, Joan.

  7. The book is glorious! I'm so inspired. Reading you is a sacred pause for me.

  8. You're amazing! Get thee to a publisher so others can enjoy your Book of Hours!!

  9. What a dear little book; it feels really sacred sitting there with the bell beside it. I felt called into the present moment immediately. I love the way it opens like a fan when seen from above.