Monday, October 25, 2010

Labour Day In NZ..

a perfect spring morning
sun shining
birds singing

and the hush..hush sound that told me
over my house
and I bound out of bed
to watch

so wonderful
in a cobweb sky
in the stillness
of early morning

 ( I had a photo of two wee dead baby birds
that were dropped from their nest in my roof
but I decided it was a bit wierd having a photo of them here..
so I removed it.
They were baby sparrows I think and maybe the starlings had tossed them out
because they are building a nest in the same place.
How cruel life can be. )


  1. Hi Joan, aren't the balloons a magnificent sight. Mr O & i were lucky enough to see the huge balloon festival they hold over here in bristol a few years ago & i was enthralled. So sad to see the poor wee birds, i do hope you find the culprit!! i love the books you have been making, i should like to have a go at doing some, one day . ruthie.

  2. Poor little things...the nature of nature....

    The balloons vs. the wee little birds is an interesting dichotomy.

  3. How magical to have great balloons floating over your house!

    The poor little birds -- "Nature, red in tooth and claw..."

  4. Hub and I had the opportunity to take a balloon ride once and loved it. It's soooo quiet. Joan, you've gotta do this!

    Oh, the poor little birdies...Mother Nature has her ways...

  5. Yikes! I thought I had dreamed the nestlings. A sad part of nature. The balloons are a wondrous sight, aren't they? I caught a few just as I crossed the Mississippi River coming back from Minnesota a few weeks ago.

  6. I love the sound of hot air balloons...and I'm sorry about the baby birds. Nature is very cruel at times...but maybe there are rhymes and reasons we just don't understand.

    Hope you had a wonderful Labour Day, Joan!

  7. Thank you all. I have had a trip in a hotair balloon. Son Steve sent Mo and I up one Christmas . it was so peaceful and magic.

  8. What a beautiful sight to go floating by. Not all birds are destined to fly, it seems. But the balloons are there to appeal to our human desire to float in the blue.