Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Surprise in the dark...

It was a rainy night tonight.  A steady summer rain drenching the warm earth.
A good night to go to bed early with a good book.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

I had just fallen asleep.
Bang! Boom! Bang!

Oh my Gosh!
Is it thunder or war???

Then I remember
that flier from the City council.

Midsummer pyrotechnics down at the lake.

The only view I have is from my south facing upstairs bathroom roof window..
so I stand on my bathroom stool on tip-toes
and watch the fabulous display.

My little camera catches some strange light shapes
but I rather like them.
Now .. it's back to bed again.

What a wonderful life around here at the lake.

My very first night spent in this house was on my birthday
the first day of March
four? years ago..
I lay in bed all alone, feeling strange in a room lit by street lamps
instead of country dark..
Boom!  Bang!  Boom!
I leaped out of bed with fright and out onto the deck.. and there I saw the most wonderful display of light..
 fireworks over at the Rugby Stadium.
Thank you Hamilton,  I shouted into the booms and bangs,  for the wonderful welcome!
and hopped back into my new bed feeling very happy.
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  1. What terrific captures of the fireworks!

  2. What great photos you were able to capture! I've had a similar experience - unexpected fireworks off in the distance. How magical they are. I never tire of them. What a beautiful ending to your day. Like a little celebration of life itself.

  3. What magnificent pictures you, and your little camera, take! Wow! It is almost like being on top of the display. Enjoyed your warmth and memories of fireworks. Joan.

  4. What a glorious welcome to your new house just when you were feeling a little all-alonish. That third photo is especially wonderful.