Thursday, January 27, 2011


I love the trees around the lake.

The beech trees have such beautiful bark...
and hold all kinds of surprises.

This morning I found a cicada skin
still clinging to the bark where it was abandoned.
The cicada that magically left his skin
was probably one of the many singing in the trees.

I found some initials that could have belonged to Mo,
my loved husband of thirty years;

and I decided this could almost be Ross' name too.
Ross our loved son and brother,

It is lovely to have a special place to remember
those we love and miss so much.

This tree is surely a beautiful goddess!
so I left my memories
in her care..

deep in the heart of Mother Nature.

Very warm days.  My early morning walk around the lake is my favourite time of the day to be outdoors.
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  1. Such a touching tribute to your loved ones, Joan. I hope it is a comforting place for you to be. My heart and my prayers go with you today as I think of you as you walk around the lake and take time to visit this special tree.

  2. Messages from Love. I'm so happy for you, to see them and Know their source. The cicada that left it's shell...

  3. Beautiful, Joan. It's amazing when nature speaks to us in our own language.

  4. As a lover of trees, I have long believed they speak to us. Yes to skin shedding. Yes to beloved names. Yes, to the goddess tree. Yes to your words blessing me this morning.

  5. What beautiful 'readings' of the trees, and a touching evocation of time, the losses it brings and the precious memories of loved ones.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to precious memories...thank you for a lovely walk that touched my heart.